Eklekto Flash Shanghai

Eklekto will be taking part in the next edition of IPEA – International Percussion Competition Shanghai, organized from September 28 to October 6, 2023.

This event aims to bring together global talent and trends by providing a communication platform for performers.

Percussionists and percussion ensembles from all over the world take part, sharing their research and their approach to percussion instruments in an ever-changing musical context.

Through a concert and participation as a member of the jury, the invitation is an opportunity for the association to present to an audience of experts the activities and missions it has been carrying out for almost fifty years:

A singular artistic mission, focused on contemporary and experimental music, multidisciplinarity and openness to other artistic forms. Through its repertoire, Eklekto routinely questions the public’s relationship with percussion, presenting concerts, installations and participatory pieces.

An inclusive, social and sharing vision, with a presentation of various mediation projects carried out with Geneva schools, the numerous events/concerts open to the greatest number, as well as all the actions linked to its instrumentarium (the largest in French-speaking Switzerland).

Eklekto’s participation in the IPEA will also be an opportunity to consolidate ties with new international partners, including PAS China International Percussion Festival, also present, with whom Eklekto is in contact for its next edition in summer 2024.

The musical program builds on the association’s history and landmark collaborations, including those with Mio Chareteau and Ryoji Ikeda, visual artists whose compositions Play and Music for Percussion I have been performed by Eklekto in Switzerland and internationally.

The piece Snare Counterpoint by Alexandre Babel, former artistic director of Eklekto and winner of the Prix de la Musique Suisse 2021, will also be performed: written for four snare drums and strobes, this work particularly symbolizes the porosity between music and visual art that is unique to Eklekto.

Finally, Pulsating Skin (2021) by Justina Repeckaite opens onto a post-instrumental world where four percussionists interact with an electro-acoustic device composed of transducers and resonant instruments.

Participation d'Eklekto à l'IPEA Shanghai

Cymbale sur caisse claire

Corentin Marillier, Yi-Ping Yang et Dorian Fretto en répétition pour la compétition de Shanghai