Manager Instrumentarium

Nicolas Curti
+41 79 896 86 41


Avenue de Châtelaine 43
1203 Genève


For interested structures, Eklekto proposes a partnership allowing you to obtain a 20% discount on the cost of instrument rental under the following conditions : Our logo will appear on all your communications media, and our presentation text will appear in your venue program. For further details

General rental conditions

  • on receipt of the rental request, a quotation is sent within five working days. It is valid for 30 days.
  • the reservation of the equipment is effective after acceptance of the estimate in writing (e-mail). This acceptance acts as a contract.
  • the sliding scale of charges is only valid for consecutive rental days.
  • payment is due 30 days after return and inspection of the rented equipment. No cash payment will be accepted. In the event of damage, repair costs will be invoiced to the hirer according to an estimate drawn up by us.
  • transport and insurance of the equipment are the responsibility of the hirer. Any delay will be invoiced to collect the equipment, please contact the Eklekto management at least 72 hours before rental.
  • no appointment with the Stage Manager on weekends and public holidays; transport possible with a professional partner of Eklekto.
  • no rental will be processed in emergency – under 72h.